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About Sofia

Sofia's motto is to try to say YES as often as possible. This has taken her out on many adventures and presented her with lots of fun challenges over the years. She describes her life as a book or film, where she has realized that the difficult chapters are also needed. For perspective and for humility.

Sofia started her career in the 80's as a photographer and stylist and worked with several of Sweden's greatest artists. Even then she loved form, creativity and playfulness.

At the age of 27, she began working in television, and has touched on many different television genres. Everything from children's programs like Soff-i-Propp and galas, to competition programs and documentaries. She has also worked as a radio host.

Today Sofia is a successful jewelry designer, media producer and TV profile.

She is constantly featured in various TV shows, most notably Sofia's Angels on Channel 5. In her social media channels and in her podcast Wahlgren & Wistam, where you can hear her and artist Pernilla Wahlgren every week talking about life's roller coaster.